Two Trophies at the International Film Festival of Salerno

The Artists lights have illuminated the city of Salerno. To illuminate the Augusteo Cineteatro of Piazza Amendola on the evening of Saturday 1 December 2018, have been the actors, the directors and producers who attended the awards ceremony of the 72nd International Festival of Cinema of Salerno.

The film production company FG Pictures has been the only one to won two trophies. In the “Discovery Campania” section, the winner was the docufilm Mediterranean diet example to the world directed by Francesco Gagliardi, produced by Stefania Capobianco in collaboration with Rai Cinema. For the official section of feature films, the winner was the film Mò Vi Mento – Lira di Achille by Stefania Capobianco and Francesco Gagliardi, produced with Giuseppe Picone.

Also the film stars, Enrica Guidi, Daniele Monterosi, Giovanni Scifoni, Benedetta Valanzano and Deborah Eliana Rinaldi, have received a special recognition for their brilliant interpretation. Furthermore, the mayor of Pompeii, Pietro Amitrano, gave a plaque of recognition to the directors and producers “for giving prestige to the city of Pompeii in the film Mò Vi Mento – Lira di Achille.