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Prisoner of a Secret



Technical Data Sheet

  • GenreDramatic
  • Production Year2009
  • Duration90 minutes
  • Produced ByFrancesco Gagliardi
  • DirectionCarlo Fusco
  • SubjectGabriele Reale, Carlo Fusco, Andrea Iervolino
  • ScriptSauro Roma, Carlo Fusco, Gabriele Reale, Lorenzo De Luca
  • CastFranco Nero, Giulia Elettra Gorietti, Andrea Iervolino, Ciro Petrone, Angelo Infanti, Tony Sperandeo, Alfredo Li Bassi, Antonella Ponziani, Rosario Ruotolo, Aurora Gagliardi, Antonio Cupo
  • Tecnical FeaturesColor-betacam / 35 Mm
  • ProductionFg Pictures Srl (Già Francesco Gagliardi Production Srl)
  • DistributionIris Film Distribution
  • PhotographyFilippo Arlotta
  • EditingMarco Tosti
  • Original MusicStelvio Cipriani
  • Music EditionWarner Chappell Music Italiana Srl


In a car cemetery, a surreal place on the edge of society and time, a wise homeless man tells the story of Stefano…
Tough kid, devastated by childhood traumas, Stefano expresses his disquiet through bullying. The dean of his school sends him away for good and thus he ends up in a world made of illegality and violence. Growing up, he becomes the boss of a gang which includes himself, his friend Marco (who will come to a bad end because of drugs) and Ciro (a messed-up and trigger-happy guy).
Stefano’s love story with Mary takes place in parallel to his criminal life and this love represents the sweet part of the guy, which is still able to dream. Together with the other two members of the gang, Stefano finds himself involved in robberies, kidnappings and murders, drawing the attention of a mafia boss, Don Alfredo. At this point, the only option is affiliate to the “family”, carrying on a life of criminalities. Marco dies from a drug overdose, while Stefano is trapped in his bond with Don Alfredo. Blamed by Mary, sick of that life, Stefano finally chooses to do something good for himself. But the umpteenth hit assigned to him becomes a carnage: Ciro dies and Stefano goes to jail. As Stefano throws Mary out for her sake, she regretfully starts a new life working at a radio station where she meets Giorgio, the executive director of the broadcasting station, who will become her boyfriend. While in jail, his past with Mary is Stefano’s dearest memory, but, at the same time, cause of misery and shame.
In jail, Stefano writes a journal, that he jealously guards and often rereads and that arouses the curiosity of Don Vito, the boss of the prison, who thinks that Stefano’s journal contains inside information about mafia leaders. This boss wants to use Sagrestano, a good guy who shares the cell with Stefano, to take over the diary. Sagrestano, in order to protect his friend’s privacy, disobeys the orders and, consequently, gets brutally killed.
The hard hierarchies and the unjustified tyranny within the prison as well as the murder of Sagrestano, will force the protagonist to think about himself and his guilts.
Paid off his debt with justice, Stefano will have to deal with a still open past that is waiting for him out of prison…