Mò Vi Mento – Lira di Achille



Technical Data Sheet

  • GenreComedy
  • Production Year2018
  • Duration90 - 110 minutes
  • Produced ByStefania Capobianco, Francesco Gagliardi, Giuseppe Picone
  • DirectionStefania Capobianco, Francesco Gagliardi
  • SubjectFrancesco Scotto
  • ScriptFrancesco Scotto, Lorenzo De Luca, Francesco Gagliardi, Stefania Capobianco
  • CastEnrica Guidi, Giovanni Scifoni, Daniele Monterosi, Maria Benedetta Valanzano, Tony Sperandeo, Andrea Roncato, Adolfo Margiotta, Antonella Stefanucci, Shi Yang Shi, Rocco Ciarmoli, Alvaro Vitali, Deborah Eliana Rinaldi, Stefano Tricarico, Barbara Bacci, Elisabetta Sansone, Aurora Gagliardi, Giuseppe Picone, Pasquale Andreottola
  • Tecnical FeaturesVideo: Colore - da 4K a 6K - progetto girato a 25fps tranne alcune scene girate a 24fps Audio: 24 bit - 48 khz in sync con il girato a 25fps e 24fps
  • ProductionFG Pictures Srl
  • DistributionEuropictures, HUM Distribution
  • PhotographyGiovanni Mammolotti (a.i.c.)
  • EditingDavide Vizzini (a.m.c)
  • Original MusicPericle Odierna
  • Music EditionAla Bianca Publishing/ Heristal Ent.


How do we leave the recession behind? If you are a ruler, by overburdening the taxpayer; if you are the taxpayer, by killing someone richer than you to come into real money. Is it too cruel? If you think so, go and explain that to the group that we are about to introduce. 

Achille Alfresco is a politician who aspires to be the next President of the Council. The name of his party is worse than it sounds: “Mò Vi Mento – Lira di Achille”. The principle behind this “mò-vi-mento” is that the entire political world is based on lies and falsehood. So why not make a “sincere” and consistent campaign from the beginning?

Achilles is trying to marry and cheat the rich Elena Guarracino, heir to a multinational company of condoms. But Elena is still in love with the ingenuous and cultured Massimo Della Bozza who, as the name suggests, is an aspiring writer and, in real life, Achille’s bagman whopromises him a bright future as cultural councilor.

To complicate this love triangle, there are other bizarre characters, such as the legally blind Lucia, Achille’s lover, the unpromising killer Carlo Spampanato, the shameless Giuliana, the ignorant Cinzia, the mysterious Camaleonte, the shady Del Mazzo lawyer and a ambiguous Guercio. And again, the Quagliano family who wears the Italian tricolor, Viviana and the Mayor Michele, who for a misunderstanding thinks he is the recipient of a political attack.

And then there are the Chinese who know Vesuvius better than Asia, Elena’s secretary, who finds the shopping centers more interesting. From China arrives an Asian delegation ready to report the Elena’s company because a failed mini-condom caused an unwanted pregnancy to the secretary of the Mayor of Shanghai.

The comedy, between plots, unconfessed loves, secrets and lies, is played out against the backdrop of a corrupted and multiethnic Italy, populated by crafty who only thing to get what they want.

The drama becomes a farce, the scene of a triple chase: to power, money, love, reaching tragicomic results and unexpected situations, reminding us that politics always goes hand in hand with lies.