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Mediterranean Diet Example to The World



Technical Data Sheet

  • GenreDocu-Film
  • Production Year2015
  • Duration30 minutes
  • Produced ByStefania Capobianco
  • DirectionFrancesco Gagliardi
  • SubjectFrancesco Gagliardi, Stefania Capobianco
  • ScriptFrancesco Gagliardi, Stefania Capobianco, Daniela di Bartolomeo, Sabrina Palumbo
  • CastFranco Nero
  • Tecnical FeaturesColore Full HD
  • ProductionFG Pictures Srl
  • DistributionRai Cinema
  • PhotographyAdolfo Bartoli (aic Imago)
  • EditingGiuseppe Pagano
  • Original MusicStelvio Cipriani
  • Music EditionAla Bianca


Mediterranean diet example to the world is a poetic journey told through the eyes and words of a wise old man who, after wandering the world and seeing humanity brutalized by hunger and misery, returned to Italy in his homeland, Cilento. Here, by his wisdom, we will know the home of the Mediterranean diet, lifestyle proclaimed on November 16th, 2010 in Nairobi UNESCO, “intangible cultural heritage of humanity”.
We will see an area full of productive wealth, natural biodiversity, cultural and agro-food place that holds the secret of longevity that was appreciated by the greatest nutritionist of ‘900, Ancel Keys, who moved here to “prolong his life by twenty years”. Mediterranean diet, defined by him, is much more than a diet. Model of seasonality, authenticity and biodiversity, is emerging as a lifestyle representative of the relationship between man and land.
According to what an old proverb says, “If a man is hungry do not give him a fish, but teach him to fish”, the wise old man, after guiding us through beautiful places, with nostalgia, will decide to leave to bring to all poor people of the world his wealth: the lifestyle of the Mediterranean diet.