There is not enough root for everyone



Technical Data Sheet

  • GenreComedy
  • Production Year2019
  • Duration90 - 120 minutes
  • Produced ByStefania Capobianco, Francesco Gagliardi, Giuseppe Picone
  • DirectionStefania Capobianco, Francesco Gagliardi
  • SubjectStefania Capobianco, Francesco Gagliardi, Valentina Innocenti
  • ScriptStefania Capobianco, Francesco Gagliardi, Valentina Innocenti
  • Tecnical FeaturesColor, 4K
  • ProductionFG Pictures Srl


Imagine you own the only funeral home present in a small town in Abruzzo. Imagine also that the majority of the citizens is over 80. On this basis, you would certainly say that your business activity is experiencing a good period. Instead, Giacinto, owner of the Agenzia Funebre Pompa Magna, is facing a very bad time. Things are so disastrous that he is forced to close down his business, trying to liquidate the employees giving them coffins and any kind of funeral items.
The reason is paradoxical: in this small town, nobody dies anymore. Luckily, Giacinto can count on the support of his wife Claudia and on the hospitality of his centuries-old grandmother Clarabella, who enjoys good health and plays poker with unsavory characters. Still, as often happens in life, when everything seems to be lost, unexpected happens. A secret is revealed: because of a specific combination of minerals present in the territory, a special root, that contains the principle of longevity, grows in the small town. It is necessary to start a business focused on life, not on death! This is what Giacinto repeats to Claudia. The great idea is to found a farm to intensively cultivate the root that will be then sold to multinational corporations and pharmaceutical companies with the aim of making big money. There is only one more obstacle to be overcome: find the money to start the business. What if the bank won’t lend the money as Giacinto has no guarantees? In this case, the solution is a bit risky and rather dangerous, but Giacinto and Claudia think they must try! As they say: “The end justifies the means”. Giacinto, who has always been a loser in life and has never dared, finally makes up for lost time. He becomes a bank manager, but I won’t tell you how (better this way!). You just need to know two details of this grotesque story: while Giacinto wants to take over the money of the institute, someone else, more powerful than him, is carrying out a colossal scam that will damage hundreds of people. Money, money, money, but also love and friendship that really do make hearts beat!