Francesco Carrassi will write the foreword of Gagliardi’s book “Mò Vi Mento – Lira di Achille”

Francesco Carrassi, journalist and director of La Nazione , the oldest Italian newspaper, will signs the foreword of Mò Vi Mento – Lira di Achille, the book written by Francesco Gagliardi and published by Armando Curcio Editore, adapted from the script of the namesake that Gagliardi has directed with Stefania Capobianco.

Born in Porto Venere, Francesco Carrassi began his professional career at La Stampa in Turin and then he worked for La Nazione di La Spezia as crime reporter. In 1992 he worked for Il Giorno in Milan and, in 1999, for Il Resto del Carlino . Then he went to Florence where, from 2002 to 2008 and from 2017 to today, he is the 40th director of La Nazione.

“In the age of the unreal, the genre of comedy appears as one of the most empirical expressions of art”. Francesco Carrassi in the foreword has skilfully grasped the ironic, comic and pungent atmosphere of the book appreciating the sarabande of characters that reminds the current political world.

We can’t wait to let you know, but you’ll have to wait for spring!